Admissions Policies

Burscough Bridge Methodist School admissions policy is in line with Lancashire County Council and applications are submitted via Lancashire Education Authority. Pupils are enrolled to the school on the academic year of their 5th birthday.

Lancashire County Councils current admissions policy

Safeguarding Policies

Burscough Bridge Methodist School is committed to keeping our children safe from harm and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We take our responsibilities for ensuring pupil well-being very seriously which is reflected in our policies and procedures throughout the school.

Our school is part of a Lancashire wide project called Operation Encompass which is run in partnership with Lancashire Police. This aims to support children who are affected by domestic violence.

Further information and resources regarding safeguarding children is available from the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board

Inclusion Policies

We are committed to ensuring all children, parents, staff and visitors feel welcome in our school. We believe that all children deserve the very best education and school experience we can offer. Our dedicated team of staff ensure that we maintain the highest of standards for all pupils, taking into account their individual needs and requirements.

Conduct Policies

As a school, we promote good relationships between pupils, parents and staff, this is reflected in our policies. Our aim to is to ensure all students feel happy, safe and secure within in school. We are a small school which allows us to adapt our approaches for individual children. We work closely with parents to ensure attendance at school is as good as possible.

Other Policies

We aim to be transparent and open with parents regarding all aspects of our school policies. We have a detailed complaints procedure to ensure that any concerns are dealt with thoroughly and consistently across the school. Our data protection policy ensures transparency regarding the information held within the school and how this is used.

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