Starting School

As the new term approaches, it's a good idea to ease into the school routine. This helps your child become accustomed to the schedule they'll follow on school days, including waking up, bedtime, and meal times. Activities like bath time and bedtime stories, rather than TV or tablet games, can help children wind down before sleep. Allocating some time in the evening to have a 10-minute chat about your day can create a special routine for sharing experiences and addressing any concerns.

First Week

A fun filled morning and then home in time for lunch

9am - 12pm

Second Week

This week your child will get to stay for lunch with their new friends

9am - 1pm

Third Week

It's time to start full time school with the other children 

8:45am - 3:15pm

What is our day like?   find out here

Engage in a conversation with your child about the upcoming school start. Ask them what they imagine school will be like, what excites them the most, and if there's anything they're unsure or concerned about. This dialogue can help address any concerns they may have and create a positive and open atmosphere for discussing their expectations and feelings.

Explore the school's brochure, prospectus, or website together with your child. Discuss the pictures and the information you find. If possible, plan a visit to the school with your child before they start, either during link sessions or school fêtes. This visit can help familiarize your child with the school environment and make the transition to school smoother.

If your child is anxious about school, focus on the things they'll enjoy most, like the sandpit, playhouse, or making new friends. They might have friends from preschool joining reception, which can be reassuring. Concentrating on these positives can help ease their anxiety and create excitement for their upcoming school experience.

To prepare for school, practice the morning routine with your child. This includes getting dressed and having breakfast in time to leave. You can also experiment with different modes of transportation to school, whether it's walking, using a scooter, or taking the car. This practice can help establish a smooth morning routine and make the transition to school easier.

Label Everything!

To keep your child's belongings safe and easily distinguishable, we kindly request that you label everything. You have the option to purchase printed labels in various styles, such as stickers or sew-in labels, or you can simply use a pen to mark the washing labels.

To make book bags easily identifiable for your child, as they are all the same, we suggest adding a distinctive keyring to the bag. This helps ensure that your child can quickly recognize their own belongings.