At our school we have an envious staff to pupil ratio allowing us to treat every child as a true individual, adapting our teaching methods to meet their needs. We believe every child is unique and all possess their own talents, by focusing on the positives and nurturing our children they will discover their own talents and with our support they will have the confidence to say ‘I CAN do that’.

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Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills: They inspect all services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. Ofsted’s role is to make sure that our school is providing appropriate, safe and meaningful education of the highest standard for our children, this is done through; Inspecting, Regulating, and Reporting.

“The Methodist approach to education has always been about the development of the whole person – not just reading, writing and arithmetic. We believe that all human beings are made in the image of God and our schools have a strong commitment to creating an ethos in which every person is valued. They seek to fully address children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs.


Compare School Performance

Please note, due to being a small school, some of our results are not listed on the government performance tables.

If you’d like to see more information about the academic progress of our pupils, the additional activities we’ve previously provided and how we have used our sports and pupil premium funding please click links below:

Schools financial benchmarking – GOV.UK (

Personal Achievements

As a school, we focus on the whole child. We encourage extra curricular and out-of-school interests. We are very proud of our children for their achievements at Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows, Brownies, Swimming, Gymnastics and other sports clubs they are part of. We have regular assemblies to celebrate awards and progress of every child and at the end of each year we present trophies for House achievements, the Head teachers award and the an Award for Citizenship. Within school, we run a variety of clubs to expand on interests and try to accommodate as many talents as we can. Our school has also linked with the Rotary club and our Year 6 children have the fantastic opportunity to work towards a recognised award. Pupils are also given opportunities to engage with the local community through a variety of activities including bike-ability schemes, carol singing, attending the “Well-being” group and sharing their work, remembrance services.

As a school, we also strive to improve our performance in areas other than academia. We have been awarded Lancashire County Council Gold Behaviour Quality Mark, the Healthy School Status award, Eco-Schools award and the Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark.

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