Parent, Teacher & Friend Association

We are a school-based charity organization with a mission to make the school a better place.

Our Mission
To enrich the pupils education by developing
effective relationships between staff, parents and
friends of the school, through engaging activities
and events, designed to support the continuous
improvement of the school.

In addition to the event meetings, the committee also holds one general meeting per term, in the School Hall. Those who attend can assist in the planning of future events and activities and agree fundraising strategies. It’s a great opportunity to learn a little more and meet other parents. Everyone is welcome and we aim to keep the meeting to 60 minutes.
Even if you cant attend a meeting we will always need volunteers to make our events a success. If you are willing to help out at any event or have any other ideas then please email us. We will never take your participation for granted. Every little bit helps and ensures that we can fund future projects that benefit all of our children.

As a registered charity our PTFA is managed by a small committee:

Becky Williams

Chair Person

Sarah Lankshear

Vice Chair

Stacey Dolan


Ali James


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