Parent, Teacher & Friend Association

We are a school based charity organistion with a mission to make the school a better place. Did you know; you automatically become a member of the PTFA for the duration your child is a pupil within the school. However, your level of involvement is entirely up to you, although every little helps!

Our Mission
To enrich the pupils education by developing effective relationships between staff, parents and friends of the school, through engaging activities and events, designed to support the continuous improvement of the school.

Our PTFA is managed by a small committee:

Becky Williams

Chair Person

Sarah Lankshear

Vice Chair

Stacey Dolan


Dave Craven


How to get involved

We are always looking for new volunteers with fresh ideas. If you would like to be involved with the PTFA no matter how big or small your commitment, every little helps and we really appreciate any support you are able offer. To find out more please contact one of the commitee members or come along to the next meeting.

What do we do?

Teachers, Parents and Friends working together to:

Raise money for school

Organise Social Events

Volunteer in classes and clubs

and generally support the school’s efforts..

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